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Whether 1 piece or 50,000 pieces, custom or industry standard, Standard Steel Specialty is ready to provide all of your Woodruff, HyPro, and NonRok key requirements. No job is too big or too small.

Standard Steel Specialty is the largest customized Woodruff, HyPro, and NonRok key manufacturer made to your material and print specifications.

All industry standard Woodruff, HyPro, and NonRok key sizes are stocked and available for immediate shipment in two grades of steel; Special Carbon Steel (SAE 1035) and Heat Treated Alloy Steel (SAE 8630). Alloy keys are heat treated to Rockwell "C" 40-50.

A number of factors contribute to the usefulness and practicality of Woodruff, HyPro, and NonRok keys in many applications. Applied properly, the keys reach deeper into the shaft and are so firmly embedded that rollover is impossible, thus it can take extraordinary strains without failure. Add to that the advantage of standardization and interchangeability.